Kosmetic Kar Doctor was a dream that became a reality for Randy Eggimann back in 1985.

It all started in a small, single bay shop at his house in Gordonville, MO. A mere 2 years later, in 1987, with a lot of time and work invested into his dream, Randy had to expand into a considerably larger, 3 bay shop, still at his house in Gordonville.

As time will tell, when a dream is nurtured and well fed, it will grow. Kosmetic Kar Doctor was now growing in leaps and bounds. In 2000, Kosmetic Kar Doctor had to move from Gordonville to its present location at 524 E. Jackson Blvd., into a much larger building with 7 bays and a side draft paint booth. Still being nurtured and well fed, the very next year, 2001, Kosmetic Kar Doctor had to add on a 40×80 addition with a new down draft paint booth.

In 2007, Kosmetic Kar Doctor bought its first tow truck so that customers vehicles could be towed in if need be. A full time wrecker driver was brought into the Kosmetic Kar Doctor family in October of 2008. This has turned out to be a very good investment and a second tow truck, a flatbed this time, was purchased in January of 2009 opening up the options of even more vehicles could be brought in.  

Even more recently, in July 2009, another tow truck, soon to bring the total up to 3, has been brought into the active and growing fleet for full service towing and recoveries as well as roadside assistance work. There will be 2 more fulltime wrecker operators brought into the family shortly, both with extensive histories and experience in the towing and recovery business.  In 2018, the towing and roadside assistance business was sold.

Every customer is met with first hand, by the owner of the business, Randy Eggimann, and by the shop manager, Teddy Eggimann. Yes, business is good and is constantly growing, but we are still a family owned and operated, small local business, and we treat every customer as family.